Our Employees

Mountain Helicopters Pvt Ltd is operated by individuals who are proficient and experienced in their respective field. Investing in leadership is at the core of Mountain Helicopter's approach to recruiting and retaining diverse talent to operate at optimal safety, reliability and comfort. The success of our company's brand is directly connected to the talent and expertise of our employees.

Operations Department

Executive Chairman Capt. Dawa Jangbu Sherpa
Operations Director Capt. Kiran Pun
Director Capt. Deepak Garbuja Pun
Chief Pilot Capt. Suraj Thapa Chettry
Flight Safety Director Capt. Pasang N. Sherpa
DY Operation Manager Mr. Basanta K. Bhandari
Operation Officer – Ms. Sushila K.C
Operation Assistant Mr. Dawa Phinjo Lama

First Officer – Mr. Prabal Chaulagain
Airport Assistant – Mr. Krishna Deula


Administration and Finance

Managing Director Mr. Ang Dendi Sherpa
DY Director (Finance Controller) Mrs. Hem Lata Rai
Senior Manager Mr. Ram Chandra Bhusal
Chief – Accountant Mr. Binod Chitrakar
Jr. Account Officer Mr. Dhana Bahadur Tamang
Office Secretary Ms. Kazal Kshetri
Legal Advisor Mr. Ganesh Sigdel

Engineering Department

Chief Engineer – Director Mr. Chandraman Pun
CAM Director Mr. Kumar Prasad Upadhaya Chalise
Quality Assurance - Director –  Mr. Deepak Raj Koirala
Line Maintenance Manager Mr. Narayan Bahadur Shrestha
A & C Engineer Mr. Rajnish Gupta
Avionics Engineer Mr. Suraj Aley
Technical Officer Mrs. Pabitra Acharya
Quality Assurance Assistance Mrs. Ranjeeta Sharma Bhattrai
Tr. Engineer - Mr. Govind Chaurasia
Tr. Engineer - Mr. Satish Pandey
Tr. Engineer - Mr. Deepak Pandey
Tr. Engineer - Mr. Bikash Thapa
Store Supervisor Mr. Bishnu N. Shrestha