Ecureuil AS 350 B3e (9N – AKB)

From 2011 the AS350 B3’s capabilities were further enhanced through the AS350 B3e, equipped with the new Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine , next-generation dual digital engine control system (FADEC) and engine data recorder (EDR). Offering faster cruise speeds and improved tail rotor controls. The powerful, high performance AS350 B3e is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make the AS350 B3e the leader in its class.

Key Features:

•    Spacious cabin with panoramic view ensures comfort and optimum visibility
•    Quick and easy reconfiguration for all types of mission
•    Maximum altitude: upto 23,000 ft (7010 m)
•    Passenger Capacity: 6 passengers, 1 stretcher patient + 2 passengers
•    Maximum takeoff weight: 2, 250 kg