How many helicopters do you have and who are its manufacturers?
We have three helicopters in our fleet all belonging to the Ecureuil family and are all products of Eurocopter France (a worldwide leader in civil and military helicopter production). We have recently added a brand new AS350 B3e to our fleet and in addition we operate with AS350 B2 and AS350 B3 + helicopters.

Highest altitude your helicopters can fly to?
Our AS350 B2 can fly up to an altitude of 20,000 ft and in contrast our AS 350 B3+ and AS350 B3e can fly up higher to an altitude of 23,000 ft from msl. However, weight is a factor that needs to be considered while flying to higher altitudes.

How many people can your aircrafts accommodate and how are the seating arrangements?
Our aircrafts have forward facing seat and can accommodate up to 5/6 passengers who are all guaranteed a spectacular view from where they are seated.

Do you operate schedule or charter flight?
Yes, we operate customized chartered flights which are tailored according to the needs of our clients. Our services are provided on a first come first serve basis therefore, it is advisable to book the flight well in advance to ensure availability.

What are the factors that affect the flight? Can you conduct an instrument or a night flight?
High altitude, High temperature and High humidity affect the performance of the helicopter. Therefore, the pilots will decide whether to conduct the flight or not in case of extreme weather conditions. As helicopters in Nepal can only conduct visual flight rules (VFR) so we do not conduct instrument or a night flight.

How we can book a flight?
For flight bookings you can contact us through email, fax and telephone and your flight will be booked according to your needs. For our company contact details please view the contact us section of this website. Online booking facilities are also made available for the convenience of our clients.

Can you provide us with an ambulance arrangement?
Yes, upon request from our clients we can make an ambulance arrangement. However, the ambulance charges have to be paid directly by the clients to the ambulance service provider.

Is your helicopter well equipment with medical assistance or doctor onboard?
Helicopters which operate in Nepal are not well equipped with medical assistance. However, we can provide oxygen and a doctor upon prior request from our clients.

What is the mode of payment?
You can pay us by cash, cheque or credit card, for credit card transaction we need to take a pre authorization from the bank and all payments must be made before departure except when prior agreement for payment has been made between the client and Mountain Helicopters.

Can we mount an external camera for aerial film shooting?
Yes, external camera can be mounted on our helicopters for aerial film shooting and our crew has vast experience in preparing the helicopter for aerial film shooting. However, it is advisable to provide all necessary information about the camera and its equipment to ensure that the camera is mounted correctly.

Can we remove the doors of the aircraft?
Yes, the doors of the aircraft can be removed upon request from out clients. However, we need to take extra precautions when the doors are removed therefore, we will be flying at low speed.

Can we use the aircraft for cargo lift and what is the load distribution?
Yes, we can use the aircraft for cargo lift but the maximum load is affected by temperature and altitude. The standard load distribution is as follows: on rear cabin floor = 310 kgs, on LH forward cabin floor 150 kgs. In the rear hold 80 kgs, in the LH hold 120 kgs. In the RH hold 100 kgs. The maximum permissible wt. 2250 kgs which includes aircraft empty weight and fuel.

Can you do Mountain Flights and how long are the flights?
Yes, we conduct mountain flights and depending upon the total passenger's weight we can fly up to 20,000 ft comfortably with spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges. The flights are conducted according to the needs of our clients and length of the flight can also be tailored according to our clients needs. However, the mountain flight to the Everest region from Kathmandu will be approximately around 3 hours.

“For further queries please do not hesitate to call us directly or write an email. Mountain Helicopters is forever at your service."